Our Travel & Tours section has been compiled to offer our clients the opportunity to visit the African continent. We are specifically offering tours which you can basically purchase off the shelf and tour through this vast and exciting continent.

The African tour and safari packages that we have selected are more for the first time traveler to Africa, giving you the opportunity to see what there is on offer in the various countries with other visitors or on your own. The tours are the ‘best of’ in each country where you can return home and really say you have seen Africa in a limited space of time.

If you wish to return to Africa, you will be aware of what you have experienced and therefore you can get a second chance to experience something different.

By the end of your travel lifetime, you could have seen ‘nearly’ the whole continent and know that you have not missed out on this unique destination.

African Tour and Safari Catalogue – Scheduled & Packaged tours to Africa.

We have a range of tours and packages that you can select from our site and go on without any ‘serious’ planning from your side. Your only concern will be to get yourself to Africa and our Scheduled Package operators will meet you at the airport and look after you while you are visiting Africa.

Travel Assistance – Tell us where you want to go and what you want to do.

Our travel form will give you the opportunity to tell us what you would like to do when you come to Africa and where you would like to go. Complete our travel enquiry form and we will assist you with your African travel plans, ensuring that your requirements are met.

Expert Assistance – Selection of reputable African Travel Companies

This is where we put you into contact with travel agents directly. They will be able to assist you with your travel plans to Africa. They are experts in various fields with know-how of Africa, giving you peace of mind when traveling to Africa.