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Who are we?
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Who are we... is the online representation of two divisions of Tafraoit Trading CC (Reg # 2003/105620/23).

African-TM Services is the online marketing division, responsible for web site development and marketing, for our African Trade and Travel divisions.

African Trade Market - Fruit & Vegetables is the import/export division, representing both the supplier and the client for various products, fruit being the major industry at present.

African Travel Market is the travel division, offering travel services to Africa as well as travel packages using a number of reputable tour operators in the travel industry.

The vision of the site is to represent both these divisions, by offering information on the various industries which they represent. The site is ongoing and as each section is developed further our information base expands. African-TM Services would like to represent African companies on the internet for the global market for travel and trade.

Yolanda Luiters - Marketing (African-TM Services & African Travel Market)

With over seven years experience in the Africa travel industry, as a consultant in the beginning and eventually as IT/Web Production Manager, Yolanda has extensive knowledge of the integration of the two positions relating to travel.

Through the years Yolanda worked for well known travel industry players namely, Into Africa, Afroventures, CCAfrica and finally and most importantly Go2Africa Pty (Ltd).

At Go2Africa she was given the opportunity to assist in the startup of a new company which broke away from CCAfrica as a stand alone information web site. When the new company started out with only four employees (CEO, herself and 2 travel consultants), the web site had been purely information driven with no real commercial strength. Yolanda was responsible for the re-development and commercial viability of the site to support the company and the growing number of employees.

In just two years, the efforts and time put in by herself and her team of ten developers, designers and marketers, reached the ultimate goal of the CEO.

Go2Africa now supports over 45 employees and Yolanda left the company in March 2004 to pursue her own dreams and aspirations.

Mohamed Agnaouy - Operations (African Trade Market)

His family was in the trade industry in Morocco with a number of small grocery stores, he was very interested in the business but also wanted to travel. He decided in 1994 that South Africa would be his first port of call and ended up staying.

Two years ago he was approached by an importer from the Middle East to assist in the establishment of supplier relations here in South Africa, for the exportation of fresh fruit. Being given an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of his family, on a larger scale, Mohamed grabbed it and never looked back.

Due to his ability to communicate in Arabic as well as English, the language barrier was overcome between the two markets.

Once the ground work had been completed and the market established, he decided to start out on his own as an agent, representing not only the Middle East but also other markets intrested in African products.


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